October 7, 2022

Staycation at Sofitel Sentosa and Its 3 Essential Information

The resort management proudly announces that Sofitel Sentosa reopens for the public with high hygiene standards. It allows us to experience the staycations package with the best deals.

Certified in health and safety measures from local authorities, the resort is ready to serve its loyal clients. Experience peace and tranquility in this luxury resort. Here is brief information about the resort.

Rooms, Suites, and Villas

As a 5 star resort, Sofitel Sentosa enables us to choose selections of rooms provided. Each is spacious enough to accommodate our needs during the staycation.

Apart from its size, the interiors are presented in luxury style. It offers us comfort and convenience during our stay. Select rooms, suites, or villas to accommodate your staycation.

Its lavish design focuses on every detail in the room. Having a lush texture, each exposes elegant colors in French amenities. We can view the touch of nature presented in each room.

There is a leaf motif decorated above the bed. Its hardwood floor is wrapped in a soft carpet. It makes us feel like a garden paradise settled in our room. The hotel has various room types, from Luxury Room to Villa Du Jardin. Experience the warmth and luxury in a well-decorated room.

Gastronomy Journey

Nowadays, guests enjoy exploring food during their leisure. It enables them to taste buds on each type of food, from local to international cuisines. To fulfill guests’ needs, Sofitel Sentosa offers us the gastronomic journey. This thing allows us to enjoy multiple mouthwatering menus from its restaurants. Having the South China Sea as its background, guests can choose one of its finest dinings.

There are three kinds of restaurants in this resort. They are Kwee Zeen, The Cliff, and The Garden. Each presents us with selections of menus to make you have memorable dining.

The dining in Sofitel Sentosa follows the recent regulation for hygiene standards. The friendly staff will assist us in serving our meals. The resort hospitality can touch our hearts and leave an unforgettable memory. Enjoy its premium service in a chic setting. The cuisine has authentic flavors that we should not miss.

Spa and Wellness

Located in a quiet and relaxed environment, the guests can register themselves to any spa and wellness program. The resort has a special staycation package that is worth trying, especially for a young couple.

However, it is also possible to experience the spa without a companion. The spa program helps to rejuvenate ourselves. Furthermore, it can refresh the body and soul.

Get detailed information on spa and wellness programs or activities from the staff upon arrival. Sofitel Sentosa spa can be a perfect getaway to release our tension.

Aside from that, this resort also has a fitness center that can keep our bodies fresh and healthy. Contact the counter staff to get more information about it.

Additionally, Sofitel is a kid-friendly resort that we must try. The resort has a special kids club with various schedules for kids’ activities. Get the service from this place by a prior booking.

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